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international market research

Do you want to do business with the Brazilian market?

If your company have a project to export to Brazil, we will prepare a report with identification of potential buyers/providers from the Brazilian market, in order to obtain target segment data and other relevant information to guide your company’s decision-making process.

This service is usually hired by companies that intend to export products to the Brazilian market, but there are no limitations for any other purposes.

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import from Brazil

feasibility study

Do you want to do business with the Brazilian market?

Do you have a commercial order, import or export inquiry, within the Brazilian market and is looking for a breakdown explanation of logistics costs and taxes?

The Feasibility Study will provide all this information with the order shipment simulation from its origin to its final destination with detailed cost and documentary requirements to consolidate the operation.


Do Business in Brazil

work with Brazil

on-site inspection

Are you starting a new relationship with a company in Brazil?

We are prepared to inspect the Brazilian importer or exporter to verify its activity, government related permits, among other desired documents to verify its real size and potential in order to give the operation more assuredness.

Do Business in Brazil

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international business representation

Is the Brazilian market a great potential for your business?

Chanceller may represent your company throughout Brazil or only for a certain specified region. This service will give greater certainty in your operations and brand expansion considering commercial representation, marketing related services and other attributions to increase sales in the Brazilian market.

It is usually hired by exporters who sell products to Brazil, but may be used for any other purposes as well as services trade related representation.

Do Business in Brazil

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international trade statistics

Want to analyze the flow of import and export from Brazil?

The statistics issued by Chanceller may guide your company performance in exports or imports to the Brazilian market.

It will be delivered a detailed graphical report with easy understanding of Brazilian foreign trade, classifying products, main destination/origin countries per regions of Brazil.

Do Business in Brazil

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licenses to operate in Brazil

Do you need certifications and accreditations to operate in the Brazilian market?

Our team is able to list, instruct and provide accreditations and other requirements necessary for the performance of your company or product.

The service is generally hired by companies wishing to export to Brazil, but may be used by importers willing to confirm/validate certifications from Brazilian exporting companies.

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international fairs

Are you interested in participating in international events related to your company’s segment in Brazil?

International Trade Fairs of your segment, business roundtables, restricted events and other business meetings can create new opportunities for your company in the Brazilian market.

Chanceller will list up the main events related to your core business and will organize your participation as a visitor or exhibitor.

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