Brazil coffee exports rise in September as robusta shipments soar

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Brazil exported 3.51 million 60-kg bags of green coffee in September, 11.5% more than a year earlier, as unusual large shipments of robusta coffee boosted activity, data from exporters association Cecafé showed on Tuesday.

Exports of green robusta beans reached 672,465 bags in September, 93% more than in the same month a year earlier and the largest amount ever for any month (see table).

Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter, is normally associated in the market with arabica, a coffee with a milder flavor used by top brands and coffee shops.

But production of robusta, a type largely used by the instant coffee industry, has increased in recent years. The 2020 Brazilian robusta crop was the second largest on record at 14.25 million bags, according to the government.

Robusta producers are taking the opportunity of a weaker currency that lost near 40% of its value against the U.S. dollar this year BRL= to boost exports.

Shipments of arabica coffee were also large in September at 2.84 million bags, but only 1.4% above the volumes seen at the same period a year earlier.

Cecafe said problems with container availability and space in ships prevented a larger increase in shipments.

Including soluble and roasted coffee sales abroad, Brazil’s total coffee exports reached 3.8 million bags in the period, marking a record for the month of September, Cecafé said.

SOURCE: Nasdaq

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