Sugar boosts Brazilian agribusiness exports by almost 90%

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According to the Secretariat of Trade and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA), the strong pace of shipments from the sugar and alcohol sector boosted Brazilian agribusiness exports in September. The sector’s foreign sales rose 89.8%, bringing the sector’s sales to US$ 1.14 billion.

Exports of raw cane sugar more than doubled, from US$ 420.4 million (September / 2019) to US $ 888.4 million, an increase of 111.3%. The largest Brazilian sugar importers were China (US $ 159.9 million; + 230.3%), India (US $ 73.8 million; + 474.0%), Bangladesh (US $ 72 million; +207 , 4%), and Indonesia (from $ 0 in September 2019 to $ 64.1 million in September 2020).

According to the agency, the drop in sugar production in India and Thailand in this 2020 harvest allowed for an increase in Brazilian exports. Also in the sugar and alcohol sector, alcohol exports also rose, from US$ 112.2 million to US $ 124.4 million (+ 10.9%).

Total sector sales abroad in September totaled US $ 8.56 billion, 4.8% more than in the same month last year. The share of agribusiness in Brazil’s total exports was 40.2% in September 2019; it rose to 46.3% in September 2020.

Imports of agribusiness products in September were practically the same as in September 2019, with records of US $ 1.1 billion (0.3%). Thus, the trade balance accounted for US$ 7.5 billion.

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Shipments from the soy complex cooled down, increasing by 3.5% to reach US$ 2.22 billion. The amount of soybeans exported was 4.47 million tons (-2.9%), equivalent to US$ 1.6 billion. After successive records in the quantities of soybeans exported in the last months, there was a fall in the September exports. This drop already reflects the reduction in grain stocks in the country. Still in the sector, soy bran exports attained US$ 550 million (21.7%) and soy oil reached US$ 27.77 billion (-48.3%).

Another outstanding product in Brazilian foreign sales was pork, which rose 34.3%, from US$ 139.36 million (September / 2019) to US$ 187.18 million in September this year. Fresh pork exports to China grew from US$ 65.99 million (September 2019) to US$ 103.04 million (+ 56.1%).

China remains the main destination for shipments of Brazilian agribusiness products, with 27.5% in September this year, totaling US$ 2.56 billion. Second, the United States imported US$ 658 million, with a 7.7% share of Brazilian products in the month surveyed. The Netherlands is third, importing US$ 341.8 million of products, with a 4% share.

Between January and September 2020, Brazilian agribusiness exports totaled US$ 77.89 billion, which represented a growth of 7.5% in relation to the same period in 2019. Imports in the sector reached US$ 9.2 billion, 10.7% lower than in 2019.

SOURCE: Datamar News

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